The African Restoration Project was created for the sole purpose of restoring the people of Africa and African Diaspora to their natural state. More often than not, people of color have been misrepresented on the global scale to the point that everyone around the world begins to believe in the perception and not the reality. This false perception of the African Civilization reinforces a lie that continues to hide our true identity and places us in a negative light.The worse side effect, aside the lack of knowledge of self, is when Africans (all black people on planet earth) begin to subconsciously believe and feed into this false perception making it their only reality, thus validating and repeating the cycle. This limits the choices and decisions made during every second on a day to day basis. Suffocating not only our potential to individually grow physically and spiritually, but also slows down the natural rise of consciousness of all humanity. Life is about balance, as humans we cannot advance if the scale is lopsided in falsehood. As black people, we cannot change this perception the world has placed on us until we discover the truth (know thyself) and exercise this truth in our daily lives. Black people should never be classified and limited to one small box. We must realize that speaking the truth does not mean preaching hate, it means we cannot naively forget that history has been rewritten by the victors, so we must dig deep to search for and reveal the truth, expose the lies and liar, not only in other people but in ourselves as well. The healing of the African Diaspora will never be complete with mere reparations, we need something greater…Restoration!

It all starts Here and Now. Lets rebuild a better world. Reveal the truth, contribute valuable information to: www.blackipedia.org

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