Tale of the Two Americas (Black and White)


I’d like to say Kudos to CNN for creating this short clip. Now all we need is more information like this circulating on the mainstream. Based on what I know, what I will soon discover, and all of the millions of stories I will never hear, I can take an educated guess that this video clip covers only about 0.0001% of all the information. Continue reading

Black On Black Crime!


Black On Black Crime

Black on Black Crime (B.O.B.)? Has this phrase been taken out of context? Aside of neglecting the root cause of criminal activity in the black community and subtley implying intraracial crime only exist within the black race, the emphasis on B.O.B. crime seems to falsely suggest blacks are more prone to violence than any other race. Next to calling someone a ‘reverse racist’, one of the things I hate most is the following comment:

“You get mad when a cop kills a black kid, how come you don’t get this mad when a black person kills another black person?”

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Professor Kaba Kamene on the “Police Predator”


During this interview with the Barber Walters, Professor Kaba discusses the issues of Police Brutality and what we need to do as a people to move out of the recurring American Nightmare to live what is suppose to be the American Dream.
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