When Will We Be Paid


Only the greatest Artist that ever lived. I will always respect him for being outspoken no matter the odds…


Tale of the Two Americas (Black and White)


I’d like to say Kudos to CNN for creating this short clip. Now all we need is more information like this circulating on the mainstream. Based on what I know, what I will soon discover, and all of the millions of stories I will never hear, I can take an educated guess that this video clip covers only about 0.0001% of all the information. Continue reading

Black On Black Crime!


Black On Black Crime

Black on Black Crime (B.O.B.)? Has this phrase been taken out of context? Aside of neglecting the root cause of criminal activity in the black community and subtley implying intraracial crime only exist within the black race, the emphasis on B.O.B. crime seems to falsely suggest blacks are more prone to violence than any other race. Next to calling someone a ‘reverse racist’, one of the things I hate most is the following comment:

“You get mad when a cop kills a black kid, how come you don’t get this mad when a black person kills another black person?”

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Eek-A-Mouse, Do You Remember?


America teaches us to never forget the 2,008 soldiers that died at Pearl Harbor, never forget the 2,922 civilians and 55 military personnel that were victims of the 9/11 attack. But…America and the rest of the WORLD teaches us we must forget the 100’s of million Africans Continue reading

Ghana Hip Hop Heaters!

Ghanaian Hip Hop

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Volume 1, playlist of some of Ghana’s Hard Hitters.


-DarkSpot Radio


Azonto Movement!


Darkspot Radio’s 18 video Azonto Playlist! Azonto is a dance and music style that originated in Ghana. I first heard of the Azonto Dance Movement in 2011, and in my opinion it still hasn’t played out. Continue reading

Blackanomics Pt. 2

The 2014 June conference of the National Association of Black Accountants Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, found that the African American population is an economic force to be reckoned with, with a projected buying power of $1.1 trillion by 2015. Continue reading

Ali Farka Touré and Xaliima Khaliif Magool (RIP)


Welcome to the first installment of African Music Legends.This set features two legends of the mother continent Ali Farka Touré and Xaliima Khaliif Magool, may they both rest in peace. Continue reading

Marcus Garvey…Blackanomics Pt. 1

The ideology of the African Restoration Project (ARP) is Pan Africanism. We carry the torch of our ancestors so their work may not die in vain. We pick up where they left off so their spirit will live forever…we are one breath. Continue reading

Professor Kaba Kamene on the “Police Predator”


During this interview with the Barber Walters, Professor Kaba discusses the issues of Police Brutality and what we need to do as a people to move out of the recurring American Nightmare to live what is suppose to be the American Dream.
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