Azonto Movement!


Darkspot Radio’s 18 video Azonto Playlist! Azonto is a dance and music style that originated in Ghana. I first heard of the Azonto Dance Movement in 2011, and in my opinion it still hasn’t played out. It’s more than a “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” trend, the style has earned a genre of music of its own. The style of music and dance style parallels the San Francisco, Bay Area’s Hyphee Movement which lasted almost a decade. I’ve decided to put together a small playlist of some of my favorite Azonto videos.

Lyrically Sarkodie is my favorite Ghanaian Emcee, but my favorite Ghanaian artist hands down is E.L. Not only is E.L. arguably the king of Azonto production, aside of being a very talented producer he can also sing great hooks and rap. As a matter of fact, E.L. produced a large number of tracks on this playlist.

Well I don’t wanna ramble on too much, when you have time to chill just sit back, relax, and enjoy!

-DarkSpot Radio

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