Black On Black Crime!


Black On Black Crime

Black on Black Crime (B.O.B.)? Has this phrase been taken out of context? Aside of neglecting the root cause of criminal activity in the black community and subtley implying intraracial crime only exist within the black race, the emphasis on B.O.B. crime seems to falsely suggest blacks are more prone to violence than any other race. Next to calling someone a ‘reverse racist’, one of the things I hate most is the following comment:

“You get mad when a cop kills a black kid, how come you don’t get this mad when a black person kills another black person?”

Let me start this blog off with a few common everyday sayings we’ve all heard before:

“Two wrongs don’t make a right”– injustice is injustice, plain and simple. There is no excuse, but comparing criminals who break the law to the so-called “good guys” who are actually suppose to uphold the law is like “Comparing Apples to Oranges”.  There are many stories where communities get together to create youth programs to combat violence in their communities, they fight to provide better education in the schools, songs are created to “Stop the Violence” and raise positive black awareness. But when it comes to solutions to combat white on black murders, well, this cry seems to fall on deaf ears. The killings are always justified with no regret stating “I was afraid for my life and if had it happened all over I’d shoot him again”. This attitude and free pass backed by our American court system is the source of the anger and frustration displayed by African people in the diaspora.

This B.O.B crime rhetoric is out dated. Most people go off of what they last heard and don’t realize we live in a different time. This is not the 80’s and early 90’s when a notable amount of our people that happen to be stuck in ghettos were first introduced to an idea that they can escape harsh realities of everyday life through crack and gang banging. Now a days, black on black crime is at an all time low, it has decreased by 68.4% over the past 25 years. So you can stop using B.O.B. crime as a scape goat to downplay the victimization innocent of black people. Aside of being an inaccurate statement, it’s just not cool. It’s no different than saying because black on black crime exist it makes it okay for cops to kill innocent black people too. In that case the slaughter will never end because intraracial crime will exist as long as crime exist. So you may ask, why is this like comparing Apples to Oranges?  Among many, I will share 3 reasons:

Reason #1: Intraracial Crime is Consistent in Every Race

Fact, criminals exist in every race. All victims are more likely to be victimized by their own race, or someone they know. Intraracial crime is consistently high within any group of people, this is a fact. Mainly because of close geographical locations and social groups. Although statistics show the national average of black on black crime is roughly 2-3% higher in comparison to other intraracial crime (at least that’s what they say, and we all know “they” tend to exaggerate when it comes to black people. *Statistic are driven by arrests and convictions and we know racial profiling alone tips the scale to increase the number of black arrests), they tend to leave out the fact that the real culprit is gang warfare, not black youth. While the gang members in these incidences may be black, the majority of black youth are not involved in gangs. Gangs, thugs, and black youth should not be labeled the same. With that being said I will spend a lot of time talking about the small percentage of blacks who happen to fall into the criminal lifestyle. It is very important to understand that most crimes committed by blacks are a result of poverty and/or people involved in gangs or some type of criminal activity. In another words, aside of innocent bystanders, many times the victims of B.O.B. crimes are people who are living a certain lifestyle where violence is expected to occur. Which leads me into reason.

Reason #2: Poverty, desperate struggle for any type of power

FBI and state statics reveal that the number of white people who commit murder are mainly between the ages of 20-30, there is a decline in their 30’s then the number greatly increase by the age of 40 and older (crazy right?). While blacks have a sharp decline in committing murder by the time they hit their 30’s. These statistics, may not be precise to the decimal, but they still demonstrate a general trend and overall picture. It is living proof that our youth are misguided, feel limited in their choices, and that blacks are not inherently violent as propaganda will have it. Although there are senseless deaths over dumb reasons and conflicts that shouldn’t have escalated past a fist fight, the majority of deaths can be contributed to rival gang members and other characters involved in the ‘street life’. People who live this lifestyle may not be evil people who deserve death, but the choices they made put them in risky scenarios. It’s sad because for so many of our people the street life appears to be the only way out of poverty, sadly it’s a gamble, a double edge sword. It isn’t the only way out but America in it’s oppression and propaganda has invested hundreds of years to destroy the identity of the black family, create meager living conditions, low expectations, and false perception that created a new state of mind for our youth. This new mind-state fosters in a frame of consciousness that our youth have come to adopt as their own. Without knowledge of self, this mind-state misguides our youth into a downward spiral. We live in a stereotype that limits our choices to Athlete, Musician, and Ghetto Celebrity. This perception is a reality to people who do not know any better, and for some reason they call it freedom. When the only option for food was left over pig meat, black slaves made soul food, when they kept us from schools, we focused on sports, music, slang and fashion. Like in the movie Hoodlum, when the man asked Bumpy Johnson why did he have to get himself involved in running numbers. His reply was:

  I mean, what would you have me do? Shine shoes? Carry bags down at Grand Central? I’m a coloured man. White folks ain’t left me nothing but the underworld.”

What Bumpy Johnson was saying was he would rather live a risky but rich and fulfilling life as king of the underworld, than to live a long suffering, boring life as a peasant in the white man’s world.

So we got complacent with the hand we were dealt, and got into an unhealthy habit of settling and making the best of it. Always trying to make a bad thing good, make ignorance look cool, and so on. This trick may have worked in the short term but the long term effects are damaging. For those of us who fall into this frame of mind, it ruins almost any chance of being able to leave the street life completely and become part of mainstream society. Plus, due to education, and work experience, it forces you to finish the path you started as an outcast of society. The streets have their own laws. In order to maintain your power you will have to succumb to violence one way or another, and before you know it you become trapped in a vicious cycle of violence, vendetta, paranoia, prison, and death. It is precisely this violence that fuels the media and mainstream with tales of B.O.B crime.

After 500 years, by the forces that be, a lot of us got used to being limited in desires and choices. Doorways and outlets were blocked has we are herded down a long dark hallway. Like water being funneled through a pathway we did not design, we now act out the frame set of these false stereotypes and ideas they have told about us for centuries. We now act out the “One Story” as Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie would say. When we create music and movies full of negative stereotypes of black women and men, they jump at the moment to say “I told you so”. Until today, whether conscious or not, many our people have some type of limiting mentality. A mentality that limits us to a few stereotypes. A mentality that makes a lot of us unable to relate to, or envision ourselves as anything other than the stereotype without doubt, second guessing, or not being taken serious. A mentality that makes a little money seem like it’s a lot just because no black person in the diaspora has experienced the true power of “old money” handed down from generation to generation. A mentality to make us feel like the only time we are truly free is when we are kings and queens of the underworld. This reality was true back in the day, and that perception/reality still echoes into the present day, but it’s 2015, enough it enough, we need to break this cycle! 

It’s a fact, criminals exist in every race, the question is what conditions create a breeding ground for criminals to expand their power and hold over the community? What conditions create an environment where criminals can multiply by either converting a mass of youth into a criminal lifestyle, or victimizing the youth for trying to go against the grain. Children that would’ve otherwise been successful, a positive impact to humanity if they had been raised in a different environment? The condition is Poverty, Oppression, and the nail in the coffin…Systematic Racism. Hundreds of years of racism written in thousands of laws, education, employment and housing policies. Racism that destroyed millions of opportunities, marginalized, hid the truth, and destroyed the identity of an entire race of people to created Self Hate, lack of respect, and lost souls. Only to leave a void of hopelessness, a sense of being trapped, desensitized and feeling that you have nothing to lose. This gives birth to what I call the “I Don’t Give a F***” generation. This is the new attitude. This is the psyche of the black youth that get caught up in criminal activity. This is not to make excuses but to simply explain the “why”. If we cannot diagnose the “why” then we cannot properly prescribe the antidote.

Reason #3: White People get away with it

Black people are being gunned down whether they comply with the police or not, then we are told that it is our fault. That we need to conduct ourselves a certain way so this won’t happen. What kind of sorry excuse is that? Especially when there are numerous scenarios where white people do far worse, never get called a thug, and they live to tell the tale. To blame the victim is insulting and only further proves how black people are not viewed as equal humans, if viewed as humans at all. America was successful in it’s character assassination of the black race. This is why prisons are filled with a majority of black men and women even though the white population are responsible for the majority of crimes in America.


White Crime

6,247,197 Arrests

Black Crime

2,549,655 Arrests

Black victims of white America are being gunned down simply because they are black. Unlike the police, black murderers don’t claim to be the good guys, wearing a badge, or acting as self proclaimed neighborhood watch. To hide behind this disguise is cowardly. The fact that whites get away with murdering blacks only encourages the murder of more innocent black people. This is no different then the days of slavery when it was open season to hunt and kill blacks. Blacks were unjustly murdered and tortured with no where to turn, no refuge. Still well into the modern day, camouflaged underneath lies, laws, and capitalism, the dialogue of this race based cycle continues.

As a whole, black people are not getting away with crime, period. Blacks do not get a slap on the hand. When a black person gets arrested, he/she can serve 2-5 times the amount of time in prison than his/her white counterpart will serve, and that’s if they’re lucky not to get life. By the default, set in place by American history, blacks are guilty until proven innocent. When a cop (or any other non-black person) murders a black person, it is this SAME system of oppression that “By Default” makes that murderer innocent until proven guilty, while at the same time assassinating the character of the black victim. Even in death, America will make the black victim guilty until proven innocent, how can a dead person (dead child in most cases) prove their innocence, and why should they have to? These are trained officers, they are supposed to be more responsible than the average citizen. They are suppose to know how to make the best decisions when handling these situations. Therefore there is no excuse for the continuing use of excessive force. Killing should not be the fist resort but the last resort, if required at all. They are not using tasers, not shooting people in the leg or stomach to demobilize the person, they shoot to kill firing anywhere between 10 to 46 times. #NoExcuse. 

Men and women of the badge are abusing their power and targeting blacks. Men and women of the badge are backed by the state, courts, and even federal level. A government system that has not moved too far from its original racist origins. The police are supposed to be the good guys who protect and serve, but history tells us this is not true. The nation is built on white men with badges killing black people. Many sheriffs were active KKK members at night. Prior to civil right movement (which wasn’t that long ago) these members did not have to operate in the shadows they were KKK during day and night. People who murdered blacks were knighted and considered heroes (nowadays they receive support in millions of dollars in donations that far exceed any legal fees they incur). The white public would smile, laugh, take pictures with burned black bodies as they celebrated black death. Even during the march from Selma, white people would go out of their way, rush to meet the marchers at the sidelines just to scream racial slurs, spit at blacks and flip their middle finger at the camera. If I didn’t like a group of people and I knew they were marching somewhere, why would I bother to sit at their sideline? These sideline haters are no different than the ones today you see on the internet replying to blogs and videos with hate and ignorant based comments. For the black nation to endure this for so long, in addition to all the other inequality issue we must face on a daily basis, to see this racist based system still exist after 500 years …yeah, this becomes very overwhelming. The people with power still get away with murdering black youth, the effect is ongoing, making black people even more angry, with a hopeless feeling that nothing will change. It seems no matter what we try, they will not acknowledge us as equal. Even in our professional careers we are not taken as serious as our white counterparts, our competence is second guessed and under extra scrutiny. They paint the picture to the world that “If it aint white it aint right”, that even black people second guess doing business with other black people. This is a result from a lack of respect for our people that is deeply rooted in American society. We need to start believing in ourselves as a whole not just on an individual basis, this is the only hope for change.


Resource {}

  • 13% drug users are black, but 35% arrest are arrested. Blacks were arrested 2.8 to 5.5 times higher than whites every year from 1980 to 2007 according to a 2008 report on drug law enforcement by Human Rights Watch.
  • African Americans were 2 times as likely to be arrested and almost 4 times as likely to experience the use of force during encounters with the police.
  • 5 times as many Whites are using drugs as compared to African Americans, yet African Americans are sent to prison for drug offenses at 10 times the rate of Whites
  • African Americans are incarcerated at nearly 6 times the rate of Whites
  • African American juvenile youth are about 16% of the youth population, 37% of their cases are moved to criminal court & 58% of convicted African American youth are sent to adult prisons.
  • African American defendants are 21% more likely to receive mandatory-minimum sentences than Whites and are 20% more like to be sentenced to prison

Resource {}

  • No more than 0.7 percent (seven-tenths of one percent) of African-Americans will commit a violent crime against a white person, according to 2013 FBI expanded homicide data.
  • Whites are six times as likely to be murdered by another white person as by a Black person. Overall, the percentage of white Americans who will be murdered by a Black offender in a given year is only 0.0002, according the FBI and Bureau of Justice statistics.
  • A Black person is 2.75 times as likely to be murdered by a white person as a white person is to be murdered by an African-American, according to

Even after all these facts and statistics, the primary defense that every police man and non-black murderer uses in court is “I was in fear of my life”. This phrase and this phrase alone is all “they” need to say to prove they are not guilty (remember this is because by default they are innocent). They didn’t need an excuse to murder innocent blacks during slavery and during the civil rights movement, what makes you think they need “probable cause” now? Was racism automatically removed from the hearts of haters just because a couple of civil rights laws were written? No, it only enraged them that they are being forced to integrate with something they don’t believe in. So who really should be in fear for their lives, if there is anything to fear at all?


This lie that black people are more prone to violence and criminal activity is very effective. As a result blacks are being targeted by law enforcement, whites, as well as other minority criminals and murders, which only results in more senseless deaths. Which is a sad case, even the FBI statistics show whites lead blacks 2-1 in violent crime (murder and nonnegligent manslaughter, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault) and 3-1 in non-violent crime. Since statistics only display those who were convicted, and blacks people happen to be the race that is always targeted and profiled, guess who’s number is disproportionately higher?

So to answer the original question at the beginning of the post, yeah, this is why we get mad when it happens. B.O.B. crime is an effect, it is the result of America’s handy work, yet a serious issue that can only be fixed from within black families. Self Hate, Poverty, and Systematic Racism is the cause. You cannot compare B.O.B. crime to murders that result from direct and/or indirect racism. Yes, like many other issues I’ve realize racist people and complacent black people use this question to argue against those of us that are awake. As I tweeted @TruthSpeaks2U- “Fair treatment is a double standard when it comes to whites and blacks. The scales of justice is not equal, and refusing to admit this only means you are contributing to racism”. You think not? Review the videos below, and tell me what you think:


LOL, “He’s a good guy, he’s a family man” SMH, #whiteprivilege


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