Colorblind the Answer to Racism?

Patient:    “I have cancer, what should I do?
Doctor:    “I have a great idea, just ignore it and it will magically go away!”

Now tell me, would you take this doctor’s advice? Morgan Freeman not black, Mike Wallace not white? You might as well say “Let’s not call it red or blue, they are just all happy colors”. Or how about this one,“Sorry Officer, didn’t know that was a red light”. To say you are colorblind is…how can I say this in scientific terms, oh yeah, “Naive”. Color and physical characteristics are the very first thing you see on a person. What do you mean colorblind? This is nonsense. So you are telling me, if someone asked you to describe a person who starred in a movie you will say “Oh he was um, tall, um, um”. Someone asks you who robbed the store and your response is “He was, um, a very bad man”. Nope! If you are searching for a suspect, race would be on top of the list when trying describe them, if not, then you will never find them. You are not going to say “What, your white? Nah I didn’t know you were white…wow”. If you do not acknowledge the truth you will never solve the problem. Saying you are colorblind is just plain ridiculous. We are not living in some Garden of Eden, or some fairy tale land. Even in the parable of the Garden of Eden, evil was lurking, waiting to take advantage of the “naive”. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand the intentions behind the concept of being “colorblind”. I also recognize that using this approach as a solution to combat racism causes more damage than good.

The concept of being colorblind? Yeah we tried that. That’s what got the Native Americans slaughtered to the point of almost extinction, that’s what got Africans on the slave boats, shipped to America, lost in a foreign land for centuries without knowledge of self. Being colorblind was the demise of every indigenous tribe on Earth. Colorblind is not the answer, it actually contributes to the problem. The colorblind concept is something that most racist people use as their scape goat in more ways than one. It is the problem that ignores the truth in front of your eyes (literally). There are many white people who are racist that use the colorblind excuse to conceal their intentions, while at the same time the non-whites who truly are colorblind lose their identity. That’s a win win for the racist, and a double whammy for the people who are victims of racism. The problem is not that people are not colorblind, the problem is when people treat others wrong based on their color. You can choose to be colorblind in your treatment of an individual, but you should never, ever, be naive to the potential danger that lurks. Evil will always exploit the naive, period!

Colors are real, races are real, acknowledge the truth, embrace the differences, love your ancestry, and never forget who you are.



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