Eek-A-Mouse, Do You Remember?

America teaches us to never forget the 2,008 soldiers that died at Pearl Harbor, never forget the 2,922 civilians and 55 military personnel that were victims of the 9/11 attack. But…America and the rest of the WORLD teaches us we must forget the 100’s of million Africans who have been murdered, tortured, displaced, mutilated, raped, not only of their bodies but their natural tongue, natural resources, and natural state of existence due to slavery and colonialism. We must understand the nature of this evil and NEVER FORGET. The reason injustice persist til this day is because we want to downplay this Crime on Humanity and forget about it. The worldwide legal system that did not recognize Africans as human beings, left a permanent stain. This stain continues to cause damage in many forms of racism and inequality. In order to build a defense mechanism that can finally bring a stop this never ending saga of injustice, we must NEVER FORGET. So ask yourself do you remember, or do you just think you remember?


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