Every African Has an Obligation to Build a Better Africa…This Means You!

Every African Has an Obligation to Build a Better Africa…This Means You!

It is time to disrupt the negative images and lies that promote a false believe of the identity of who Africans and Africans of the Diaspora really are. It is time we shine and unveil our true identity. Africa is the richest continent on the planet (richer than the oil in the Middle East), yet we continue to give away our natural resources, time, bodies, and souls for peanuts or nothing at all. We idolize the very same people who have continued to rape our continent to gain and maintain their power. They benefit at our expense, its time we appreciate ourselves and stop selling ourselves short. The oppressor needs to understand that everything is NOT “For Sale”, and there are many things their monopoly money cannot buy. This is the point Mugabe is making. As harsh as it may sound to some, he has every right to make this point. We need to draw the line somewhere, what time is better than now?

Please support Brotha Ozwald Boateng. For a man in his position he has made a bold move to follow his heart and create the Made in Africa Foundation. Many immigrants come to America to learn, make money, and then send their money, education, and skills back home to build their country. They take advantage of the currency differential and invest in their homeland, water their roots. The Africans of Diaspora do not have that privilege, we have been cut off from our roots. We get a little money and think we are rich, then put it back into the same economy that keeps us marginalized, kept from true knowledge of self and our home. We continue to run blind on a treadmill.

We need to reconnect with our roots. I encourage every African of the Diaspora to make a pilgrimage to Africa (I personally recommend Ghana for many reasons I will not get into just yet) to rediscover the truth. Instead of letting foreigners exploit our homeland, we need to invest our time, money, talents/skills to rebuild the motherland. This is the only way we can truly be independent and self sufficient. Africans of Africa and the Diaspora need to depend on each other. The main complaint in America is that there are no jobs, this is because the country is already complete. There is nothing left to build, computers and technology put millions of workers out of work. Since there is no work left here, it is time to go where work is needed…Africa. This is the answer to our economy, we need to reconnect our network between the Diaspora and the motherland. Reconnect our network that was severed 500 years ago. This network needs to be a two way street to and from, the same way the other races do it (e.g.: Chinese, Japanese, Indians, etc. fill the Silicon Valley of California. You would think it was Asia. We need to do the same). This network should reeducate the Diaspora about home and home about the truth of the Diaspora (due to the fact that many Africans suffer the same white-washed beliefs due to colonialism). This is just the beginning, we have so much to learn and a lot of work a head of us. AFRICA IS THE FUTURE…Let’s build!


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