The Power of Imagery

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

When you have quiet time, please watch this. Please listen carefully and hang on to every word this Sista shares. She is a superb author and speaker that illustrates the core of the problem and how we can change it. Her voice is the underline theme of what you will hear me speak about over and over again. I believe one of the first things we need to do in order to make an effective change on the social status of Africans on the world stage is to change how we are perceived. This does not mean you need prove anything to anyone, it means you need to prove it to yourself and take action. Chimamanda demonstrates the power of the single story as a narrating voice with images that are engraved into our minds. Our enemy is the media lies and anyone who wants to keep assassinating our character, the problem is when we fall into subconsciously believing what our enemy says is true. I can’t say enough to express how powerful imagery is. How it shapes our minds and then the world. You must understand how to navigate television, radio, etc. It is very important we don’t continue to exist in a living lie. Truth Shine!


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